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  • E-MoMo: Going electric for companies – company car management as a driver for the switch to electric vehicles

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Around two-thirds of all new cars registered in Germany every year are company cars; however, so far, only a marginal number of these are electric vehicles. Regionalmanagement and KVG now intend to change this: The project aims to carry out transport analyses in companies based in northern Hesse with the objective of the development of individual transport concepts which can then be implemented in the companies.

Project duration: 1 July 2017 – 30 June 2019 (24 months)

This project is financed by funds from the "Elektromobilität in Hessen" funding programme.


Dr. Astrid Szogs

Dr. Astrid Szogs
Mobility Manager
CEO MoWiN.net e.V.
+49 561 97062-19