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  • e-mobility workgroup

    Regional experience from successfully completed e-mobility projects shall be used in the "Electric mobility workgroup" in order to identify new innovative projects. Within the workgroup, collaboration opportunities shall also be identified through which the North Hesse region can best position itself in connection with the establishing of e-mobility.

  • E-Concept BBR: Electric transport concept for the Baunatal, Borken and Reinhardshagen communities

    Together with consortium partners with a research, energy, transport and practical application background, Regionalmanagement is developing the potentials for the establishment of a charging infrastructure that meets the requirements and for the establishment of a multi-modal electric transport offer that promotes public transport by means of pedelecs and electric car sharing.

  • Completed projects
  • E-MoMo: Going electric for companies – company car management as a driver for the switch to electric vehicles

    It will run from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2019 and is financed by funds from the "Elektromobilität in Hessen" funding programme.



On the following pages you can find more about our completed projects as well as our current projects.

Bike Challenge North Hesse


Do not travel the commute by car, change to the bike - that´s the goal of the Bike Challenge North Hesse! Your employees moving more, becoming fitter and with it less susceptible to long-term illness failures. This saves your company a lot of money! The environment is happy and your CO2- footprint too.


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Within the scope of go- cluster funding, various instruments are being developed to promote the acquisition of start-ups and young companies and to exploit innovation potential.

With a combination of various instruments, MoWiN.net intends to develop a comprehensive start-up and innovation concept.


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The E-MoMo (Going electric for companies – company car management as a driver for the switch to electric vehicles) project aims to make it attractive for companies and local government agencies as well as their employees to use battery-powered electric cars in order to increase the proportion of electric vehicles in company fleets.


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