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Konvekta AG


We see ourselves as a medium-sized enterprise. We stand out from others through technical innovations and close customer relations.


  • Konvekta AG is an internationally active manufacturer of air conditioning and refrigeration systems for roadbound commercial vehicles,
  • especially for buses, construction and agricultural machinery, electric vehicles and also for railway and refrigerated transport vehicles.


  • Electrical mobilityAir conditioning and battery cooling systems
  • Railway technologyAir conditioning systems – Heating, air-conditioning and cooling systems for buses and coaches, railway vehicles and also agricultural and construction machinery
  • AutomotiveTemperature controlled transport – Heating and refrigeration systems for the transport of perishable goods


  • Founded in 1957
  • Global sales and service organization
  • Production locations in Germany, Turkey, Argentina and China
  • With about 550 employees worldwide, we generate annual revenues in the amount of approx. 79.7 mil. Euros.


Marco März
Am Nordbahnhof 5
34613 Schwalmstadt
Phone: +49 6691 76-0
Fax: +49 6691 76-111