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K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH


K+S is an international raw materials company. We have been producing and finishing mineral raw materials for 125 years. The nutrients potash and salt are following the mega-trend of the future: a continually growing global population is becoming ever-healthier and striving for a more modern standard of living, which is characterized by an increasing consumption of mineral raw materials. We serve the resulting increasing demand from production facilities in Europe, North and South America as well as a global sales network. K+S is the largest salt producer in the world and is among the leading group of international potash suppliers.


  • Mining acquisition of potash and magnesium crude salts for the production of fertilizers, as well as preliminary products for technical, commercial and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Production of salt products for all application areas
  • Supply of customers worldwide


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  • K+S is the only raw material commodity in the MDAX
  • K+S has an annual transport volume of 50-60 mil. tons
  • Important modes of transport: Rail, truck, inland and ocean-going vessels
  • Founded in 1889
  • more than 14 employees worldwide
  • approx. 800 employees in North Hesse
  • 20 locations in germany
  • 20 locations in Europe: Portugal, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Switzerland
  • 50 locations worldwide: USA, Chile, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, China, Peru, Argentina


Christian Szeltner
Leiter Logistics Governance and Controlling
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Phone: +49 561 9301-1467
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