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Kassel Airport - Flughafen GmbH Kassel


Kassel Airport is an expert contact partner for people in its commuter region for everything relating to air travel and aviation. Kassel Airport actively connects regional structures with the offerings of airlines, travel providers and partners. It simultaneously strives to increase the location quality and competitiveness of the region.


  • Operation of a commercial airport
  • Clearance of aircraft and fueling
  • Events and mediation of other services (catering, limousines, taxis, etc.)
  • Leasing of advertising space and shops


  • Mobility/ transport managementOperator of a commercial airport
  • Mobility/ transport managementAviation services
  • OtherRetailing, cargo


  • Since our commissioning in the spring of 2013, we have operated one of the most modern commercial airports in Europe, with:
  • Total size: 220 ha
  • 2,500 m runway/landing strip, ILS CAT III
  • Passenger terminal for commercial air travel with 3 positions for code, C + D aircraft (1st construction phase)
  • New, fully equipped GAT with 5.8 ha apron
  • Commercial areas of new airport: Airside: 8.3 ha; Landside: 1.5 ha
  • Commercial areas of old airport: 80 ha


Natascha Zemmin
Leiterin Marketing, Kommunikation & Veranstaltungen
Fieseler-Storch-Str. 16
34379 Calden
Phone: +49 5674 2153-315
Fax: +49 5674 2153-334