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AKG Thermotechnik International GmbH & Co. KG

The AKG Group is a traditional family company which produces more than 2.5 mil. heat exchangers each year with more than 2,400 employees in 13 independent production facilities around the world. The success of the company results from its technical innovation.


  • Compact, motor-integrated cooling modules for water, charge air and oil cooling.
  • High temperature aluminum charge air coolers
  • Cooler modules and systems for rail vehicles
  • Bonded high-performance condensers for tumble dryers manufactured from aluminum or plastic


  • AutomotiveDevelopment and production of cooling modules/systems
  • AutomotiveProject development and design of heat exchangers
  • OtherResearch and Development


  • Founded in 1919
  • Primary revenue fields: Construction machines, compressed air compressors, industrial coolers, agricultural and forestry machines, vehicle manufacturing, rail vehicles, wind power plants, household appliances and special applications


Dr. Peter Friedrich
Am Hohlen Weg 31
34369 Hofgeismar
Phone: +49 5671 883-1251
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