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DM-Services GmbH & Co.KG


Located in Bad Hersfeld, the epicenter of logistics in Germany, DM-Services operates a logistics network with which we are able to deliver to nearly every receiving address in Germany overnight.


  • 24 locations across Germany
  • 24-hour availability for you
  • Freight brokerage
  • Sourcing and distribution logistics (milk run transports), in-house logistics, special runs (just-in-time), consulting, outsourcing


  • LogisticsWe offer customized transport and logistics solutions
  • LogisticsLogistics network across Germany Delivery across Europe
  • LogisticsProfessional yard organization for optimization of processes in incoming and outgoing goods


  • We always offer you an appropriate and efficient choice of transport, from the car to the 40t truck, from the semi-flatbed truck to the loading of ships.


Udo Malkomes
Europaallee 2
36251 Bad Hersfeld
Phone: +49 6621 17241-10
Fax: +49 6621 17241-12