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Köster GmbH


Köster GmbH is a modern, service-oriented company from the construction industry and provides complex services for building construction, underground construction and turnkey construction, as well as environmental engineering.


  • Logistics real estate
  • Production buildings/industrial construction
  • Hotels
  • Administration buildings
  • Commercial construction/individual retail construction
  • Social and health real estate
  • Parking garages
  • Civil engineering/power plants
  • Infrastructure and pipeline construction
  • Sports facilities
  • Environmental engineering


  • LogisticsComprehensive consulting, sophisticated planning, individual support and turnkey construction from a single source
  • LogisticsTurnkey construction with cost, quality and deadline security
  • LogisticsHigh degree of technical expertise in demanding construction fields and extensive experience from 300 successfully implemented projects per year


  • Company founded in 1938 in Osnabrück by Heinrich Köster
  • 15 mil. Euros share capital and about 50 mil. Euros equity capital
  • 100% family-owned
  • Business divisions in 15 cities across the nation


Christian Schulz
Wingertshecke 6
35392 Gießen
Phone: +49 641 460925-10
Fax: +49641 460925-99