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"We don't inherit the world from our parents, we are borrowing it from our children. As a family-owned company, we believe in this and act accordingly." The Voith Group management company Voith is a globally operating technology corporation. With its broad portfolio of systems, products and industrial services, Voith serves five essential markets: energy, oil and gas, paper, raw materials, transport and automotive. The Automotive Division offers custom-tailored solutions for the automobile industry. From the engineering of complete production and conveyance systems, the assembly and commissioning of systems to technical cleaning and comprehensive maintenance concepts.


  • Electrical, data technology and automation technology
  • Plant, production, operating resource and logistics planning
  • Online/offline maintenance of entire automobile plants
  • Technical and infrastructural facility management


  • AutomotiveCommercial, infrastructural, technical, lab s.
  • OtherProduction process of the customer
  • OtherProjects, online services, offline services, logistics


  • 1,500 employees in the Volkswagen and Porsche Division, incl. subsidiary companies
  • Primary administration in Stuttgart and Munich
  • 11 locations in the Volkswagen and Porsche Division, incl. subsidiary companies
  • 18,630 employees at Voith Industrial Services worldwide
  • 170 locations in 19 countries
  • 1.18 bil. EUR annual revenues


Wolfgang Salzmann
Geschäftsbereichsleiter Volkswagen VIAC / VIKI / VIAS – 2VCKS
Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 11
34123 Kassel
Phone: +49 561 58 98 92-12
Fax: +49 561 58 98 92-50