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TÜV Technische Überwachung Hessen GmbH


TÜV Hessen is not only the market leader for technical inspections and certifications in Hesse but also renowned throughout Germany and internationally successful. TÜV Hessen operates more than 60 sites in Hesse and branches in four other German federal states, and also has partner companies on three continents. As an employer who is committed to a sustainable corporate culture, TÜV Hessen exercises corporate responsibility for people, society and the environment in many different ways. Around 1,300 employees carry out more than 220 TÜV® services in the business divisions Car Services, Industrial Services, Real Estate, Life Services and Management Systems. TÜV Hessen is owned by TÜV SÜD AG (55 per cent shareholding) and the Hesse regional government (45 per cent) and generated an annual turnover of around 123 million euros in 2015.


  • Legal regulations on the international and national level define high prerequisites for technical monitoring.
  • The TÜV Technische Überwachung Hessen GmbH meets these prerequisites across a wide range of competence fields!
  • Car Services: Main road safety tests for vehicles, damage assessments and valuations, classic car certificates, conversion and tuning advice / modified vehicle certification, driving tests, emissions testing and other test bench checks and much more.
  • Industrial Service: Material tests, pressure system checks, industrial health and safety regulations related services, water and soil surveys, noise surveys, environmental surveys, pipeline inspections, commissioned surveys, room climate, accident prevent
  • Real Estate: Lift inspections, escalator inspections, cranes, tool inspections, machinery regulations, playground safety checks, all kinds of electric and building technology inspections
  • Life Services: Medical-psychological assessment of repeat driving offenders (so-called "MPU" assessments), initial assessment, individual psychological assessments, abstinence monitoring, seminars and advice for repeat driving offenders on the MPU assessm
  • Management Systems/Certifications: Quality management certifications, environmental management/energy management, occupational health and safety, information security, product certifications, health/medical products/food


  • Mobility/ transport managementInspecting
  • Mobility/ transport managementCertifying
  • Mobility/ transport managementConsulting


  • Founded in 1991
  • Approx. 1,300 employees
  • About 123 mil. Euros annual revenues (2015)
  • Shareholders of the TÜV Hessen: State of Hesse 45%, TÜV SÜD AG 55%
  • about 60 locations in Germany in (Hesse, Thuringia, Lower Saxony, North-Rhine-Westphalia and Hamburg)


Boris Hermes
Niederlassungsleiter Kassel
Knorrstaße 36
34121 Kassel
Phone: +49 561 2091-401
Fax: +49 561 2091-100