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  • General meeting

    The MoWiN.net general meeting is held once a year.

    Impressions from the last general meetings you will find below.

  • General meeting

    The MoWiN.net general meeting is held once a year.

    Impressions from the last general meetings you will find below.


13th MoWiN.net Annual General Meeting

The 2017 MoWiN.net AGM was held at Volkswagen AG in Baunatal.

Guided tour through the original parts centre

Before the actual meeting started, the MoWiN.net members present were given an exclusive guided tour of the VW Group's original parts centre in Baunatal. The original parts centre was established in 1994. Since then, it has continuously been extended (the most recent extension is a fifth building, added in 2009) and is now the largest of its kind in Europe. With a building footprint of more than 500,000 square metres, it is as big as 70 football pitches - a decisive prerequisite for excellent supply performance.
The AGM was then held in the meeting rooms of the FIB ("Fahrzeug intelligente Bauteile", smart vehicle parts) centre. In his welcome speech, Mr Volker Rügheimer – the head of the VOLKSWAGEN GROUP After Sales / Supply Chain Development department – provided an overview of the current situation in the global original parts network area and the future challenges in the area of after-sales services.

New MoWiN.net member introduction

The Chairman of the MoWiN.net Board, Mr Jörg Paul, then also welcomed the members and announced a new addition to the usual AGM agenda: the members who joined in 2016 were given an opportunity to introduce themselves by way of a short presentation. Before that, MoWiN.net CEO Dr. Astrid Szogs reviewed the financial year 2016. The year's highlight was the 7th Logistics Day with a record visitor number of 250 participants. However, other major events also included the electric transport congress marking the conclusion of the electric transport project FREE and the 2nd North Hesse Collaboration Forum. The 2016 Annual Review provides a more detailed overview of the MoWiN.net activities.

In 2016, the following new members joined the network:

•    ADU Urban Holding & Central Services GmbH
•    Digital Energy Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
•    GVZ-Projektgesellschaft Kassel mbH
•    HST Industrieservice GmbH
•    Siebenconsult GmbH
•    Stegmann Personaldienstleistungs GmbH
•    University of Kassel – Mechatronics Department

Rahier appointed to the Board

Furthermore, Mr Carsten Rahier was appointed to the Board within the scope of the AGM. "We are delighted to have gained Mr Carsten Rahier as another board member," said the Chairman of the MoWiN.net Board, Mr Jörg Paul. He went on to say that especially the activities of the sera Group in the area of hydrogen technology could provide the network with plenty of new impulses. In the long term, the company intends to power its intralogistics and also its vehicle fleet with hydrogen. It has developed and installed an in-house H2 fuelling station for this purpose, which the MoWiN.net members had the chance to inspect last year within the scope of a network meeting.
Carsten Rahier initially worked for SEW EURODRIVE in Bruchsal as a product manager from 1996 to 2000 before he became the company's Assistant Manager International Sales and Marketing. He then returned to North Hesse to work for Seybert & Rahier GmbH in Immenhausen, initially as the Deputy CEO and later, from 2003 onwards, as the company's CEO. He has been a managing partner of the sera Group of companies since 2005.


The General Meeting 2016 took place on 21 January at Science Park Kassel GmbH.




Jörg Paul, new MoWiN.net board member

The 2015 MoWiN.net general meeting took place at Hübner GmbH & Co. KG. During the meeting, Jörg Paul was elected as a new board member by the members in attendance, so that the executive board now consists of 12 corporate and institutional representatives. In addition, the participants voted to increase membership contribution levels.

Before the actual meeting, the MoWiN.net members in attendance received an exclusive tour through the Hübner production at the Kassel location from Helge Förster, CEO at Hübner, and the production manager Roland Colditz, as well as Clemens von Reyher. This gave them exclusive insight into the production of flexible transition systems for the Metro in Milan and for articulated buses, as well as folding canopies for passenger boarding bridges, such as for the A380.

As part of the subsequent general meeting, MoWiN.net CEO Nadja Gläser provided a look back at the past year, the highlight of which was the 10-year MoWiN.net anniversary. Larger events also included the electromobility congress, in connection with the FREE electromobility project, the Logistics day as well as the interim conference of the EU project NISTO.

The 2014 Retrospective, which was subsequently sent to the general membership, provides a detailed overview of MoWiN.net operations.
Executive board chair Rainer Volk and regional manager Holger Schach explained the financial situation of the Association and of Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH. The members then approved an increase to 700.00 Euros for full members and 1,000.00 Euros for network partners as of the year 2015. The adjustments to cluster subsidization by the State of Hesse and general cost increases make the first increase since 2007 necessary. This will allow services (see Portfolio) to continue to be offered in the accustomed quality.

In addition, a premium membership will be introduced, with a membership contribution of 4,000.00 Euros annually. The membership contribution in this case is coupled with participation in events and publications in the value of 3,500.00 Euros. Detailed information about premium membership can be found here.

In addition, Jörg Paul was elected as an additional member of the executive board. Paul has managed the operational processes of a book wholesaler in Bad Hersfeld since 2008, and is a member of the extended management. In addition, he has functioned as CEO of the transport company BOOXpress for ten years. "We are pleased to have been able to inspire an experienced logistics specialist to actively collaborate on our board and that the Bad Hersfeld logistics location will be even more strongly represented by him in the future," said Rainer Volk, MoWiN.net board chair

Impressions of the general meeting can be found below.




The 2014 general meeting took place in advance of the 10th anniversary celebration.

10 years of MoWiN.net

Milestones set for the region


10 years ago, MoWiN.net, the network for the North Hessian mobility economy, was founded under the roof of Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH with the goal of further developing the mobility economy in North Hesse and to thereby create and secure jobs and regional added value. The network now encompasses 130 members (from the automotive, logistics, rail technology, mobility management, public transport systems, electromobility and other fields) with a total of more than 48,000 jobs and about 9 bil. Euros in revenue per year, as well as the accomplishment of numerous regional milestones. "MoWin.net bundles the interests of members and supplies impulses and tangible projects for our work in regional management. The results have significantly contributed to the positive development of the North Hesse region in recent years and are exemplary across Germany," explains regional manager Holger Schach.

Members understand the value, as well: according to a MoWiN.net survey, 4 out of 5 new business partners come from the network. In addition to the uniting of companies and institutions, more than 90 projects have been defined and implemented.

For example, together with regional partners, MoWiN.net initiated the METAKUS application center, a research and innovation center for metal forming which today is located at the University of Kassel, and also collaborated with companies in providing the impulse for the Supply Chain Management course of studies at the North Hesse Vocational Academy (today: FH Mittelhessen). As part of organized collaboration forums, a total of more than 500 business contacts were enabled, noticeably increasing the regional added value. Project development has enabled the acquisition of financial means of more than 10 mil. Euros for North Hesse, which in turn has triggered further investments in the region.

There has also been enormous movement in the North Hessian logistics industry: since the network was founded, more than 80 investment projects with a total volume of more than 2.5 bil. Euros have been implemented, more than 7,000 jobs were created – including at Hermes, DHL, VW Original Parts Center, SMA Logistics Center and Amazon.

On 3/6/2014, the 10-year success record of the MoWiN.net network was celebrated at the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary in Kassel with 220 invited guests from business and politics, including the chief economist of Daimler AG, Jürgen W. Müller, who provided an outlook of the development of the global and automotive economy. The forecasts for the German labor market are very impressive, according to Müller. "Corporate networks such as MoWiN.net contribute to this overall economic development and will also be decisive for the positive development of the location of Germany in the future."




Steffen Riepe, new board member in the network MoWiN.net e.V.


The plant manager of Bombardier Transportation GmbH at the Kassel location is a new executive board member in the MoWiN.net e.V. as of 1/31/2013. This was confirmed unanimously by the approximately 80 participants at the MoWiN.net general membership meeting at the Kassel-Calden airport.


Steffen Riepe has managed the Kassel Bombardier plant since 2001 and has been active in the network for some time already. He succeeds Birgit Wilde (formerly of SMA Railway Technology GmbH), who departed in 2012, withdrawing from the Association board due to professional changes, and who represented the "Rail technology" field of competence on the executive board.


Change at the head of MoWiN.net


Günter Schwind, long-term executive board chairman of the North Hessian Mobility Economy Network (MoWiN.net e.V.) is stepping down. Schwind, who worked as CEO of Hübner GmbH from 1988 to 2006, has decided to step back from the executive board work of MoWiN.net.

Rainer Volk was introduced as Schwind's successor at the annual general membership meeting. Volk is manager of the Logistics Processes and Methods department at Daimler AG in Kassel, has been active in the network for years and has served on the executive board since 2011. Deputy chairman Prof. Dr. Helmut Holzapfel is also stepping down and has transferred his office to Peter Weide, member of the general management of the Rudolph Logistik Gruppe.

The managing board is completed by secretary Wolfgang Nickel (Planungsgruppe Nord) and Prof. Dr. Carsten Sommer, from the University of Kassel.

The general membership also elected Helge Förster, the new CEO of Hübner GmbH, to the executive board.




New executive board members of MoWiN.net network

The North Hessian Mobility Economy Network, MoWiN.net e.V., has elected three new board members as of the annual general meeting on 01/19/2010: Dr. Thorsten Ebert (Chairman, Kasseler Verkehrs-Gesellschaft), Prof. Dr. Carsten Sommer (University of Kassel, Department of Traffic Planning and Traffic Systems) and Rainer Volk (Manager of Logistics Planning, Daimler AG).

All three new members were unanimously elected and will now support the work of the board chairman Günter Schwind (former CEO of Hübner GmbH). The executive board also includes: Prof. Dr. Helmut Holzapfel (University of Kassel), Wolfgang Nickel (Planungsgruppe nord), Dr. Oliver Fromm (Uni KasselTransfer), Peter Weide (Rudolph Logistik Gruppe), Frank Schröer (B.Braun Melsungen AG), Stefan Meister (Meister AG), Birgit Wilde (SMA Railway Technology GmbH) and Michael Kluger (Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH).


MoWiN.net general meeting at Mercedes-Benz Werk in Kassel


MoWiN.net general meeting at Volkswagen AG in Baunatal



MoWiN.net general meeting at Science Park Kassel



MoWiN.net general meeting at Hübner GmbH & Co. KG



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