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  • Logistics Night 2017

    In 2017, Logistics Night was held for the seventh time. Regionalmanagement Nordhessen and its partners Goldbeck Nord GmbH, Jungheinrich AG, Rudolph Logistik Gruppe and Mercedes-Benz Nutzfahrzeugzentrum Kassel invited around 70 logistics experts from all over Germany to learn more about the region's outstanding capabilities.
    The highlight of this year's event was a tour of the Ferrero production site in Stadtallendorf.
    The factory occupies an area of 460,000 square metres and is therefore one of the largest Ferrero Group production sites and confectionery factories in the world.

  • Logistics Night

    Logistics night is an exclusive, invitation-only event which was held for the first time in 2005 and is supported by a limited number of premium partners. The concept was recognized with 2x silver by the German Dialog Marketing Prize and 2nd place in the national competition of the Deutsche Post AG.

    The partners represent the entire value-added chain of logistics service providers from the region. An exciting "Logistics night experience" is organized for an exclusive group of participants. In addition to the regional partners, the guests comprise decision-makers from cross-regional companies who are introduced to North Hesse as a viable and future-oriented location.


Retrospective of Logistics night 2015


Logistics experts from across Germany invited to North Hesse

Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH organized the sixth Logistics night in Gudensberg and Kassel, as a top event for marketing of the logistics region of North Hesse. The goal of the unique, exclusive, invitation-only event is to familiarize top-level decision-makers from the logistics industry with the strengths of the region in order to acquire new investments and customers. At the invitation of Regionalmanagement and this year's partners Goldbeck Nord GmbH, Jungheinrich AG, Rudolph Logistik Gruppe and IDI Gazeley, about 70 logistics experts from across Germany met to experience the capabilities of the region.

The high point of the program was the traditional visit to one of the highly modern distribution centers in North Hesse; this year, it was the central warehouse of Manufactum GmbH und Co. KG in Gudensberg, operated by the Rudolph Logistik Gruppe. There, investors, project developers, logistics service providers and customers were given insight into the highly complex processes of the mail-order house with a tour through the order picking systems. As a "practical exercise," participants were able to send themselves a small souvenir from the homeland of the Brothers Grimm. From packaging to shipment, the logistics experts handled everything themselves. The highlight: The packages arrived to the sender's homes faster than they themselves returned. This impressively documented the unique logistical feature of North Hesse, the latest "cut-off time." (This is the latest arrival time for shipments that can be guaranteed to be delivered everywhere in Germany by the next morning).

The Logistics night was closed out with a dinner in the party cellar of the Weinkirche, and subsequent networking. Last but not least, comedian Gerrit von Bamberg entertained the guests with anecdotes about the North Hessian lifestyle. One thing is certain: Many will return for the next Logistics night in 2017.


Retrospective of Logistics night 2013


The participants of Logistics night 2013 took part in an exclusive tour of the VW Logistics Center.


This was followed by a group walk through Kassel's UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe.


The evening event took place in the Wilhelmshöhe greenhouse. Prof. Dr. Michael ten Hompel (Managing Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML) gave a fascinating presentation on the topic of Logistics «produces» efficiency.