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The Idea


The North Hesse Collaboration Forums allow businesses to get in contact with each other without lengthy preliminaries.
In up to six dialogue rounds lasting 20 minutes each, company representatives from all industries meet for "corporate speed dating". Gain new customers and collaboration partners through efficient discussions.


How it works


The participants register via our website and state their dialogue requirements.
They may state up to six dialogue requirements; three of these are usually met. The three other dialogue partners result from the dialogue requirements stated by the other participants.




The Collaboration Forum offers you the chance to initiate new contacts without time-consuming preliminaries. Company representatives who have registered their interest in a meeting and have selected potential dialogue partners beforehand get together in up to six dialogue rounds lasting 20 minutes each. The event is open to all industries and all companies. In the past few years, Regionalmanagement has already successfully organised Collaboration Forums with a total of more than 1,500 company dialogues.