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Local Transport Days 2017

Digitalisation not only leads to new transport services but also results in a huge number of automatically recorded data generated by the operation and demand for transport services. For example, eTicketing and mobile phone ticketing systems can supply individual data on public transport usage that can supply usage profiles which, in turn, are important in marketing terms. Dynamic passenger information data could serve as base data for up-to-date timetable information and could also be used for planning purposes (e.g. for delay or energy consumption analyses).

New data unlocks new possibilities in almost all areas of public transport and represents the basis for new planning, operating and marketing methods. Detailed enquiry data from eTicketing systems, for example, can lead to more differentiated and flexible tariffs and new income allocation methods. The availability of automatically recorded demand and operational data allows constant monitoring that shows the effects of measures or changed framework conditions and targeted intervention based on this. It stands to reason that the planning processes and methods will also change: New data sources will complement or replace the existing collection methods; real life experiments and pilot projects that supply data for the evaluation and further development of public transport directly will gain in importance.

The "Local Transport Days 2017" on 21 and 22 September in Kassel will address this future issue and intend to find answers to such questions as: Which automatically recorded data can be utilised for public transport? What is the quality of this data? How and for what purposes can automatically recorded data be utilised for public transport? What new methods result from the availability of this data? What impact does the available data have on public transport planning, operation and marketing?

The Local Transport Days offer a forum where new scientific findings, interesting ideas and concepts and successful examples from the area of data recording, data utilisation and new data-supported methods and applications in public transport will be discussed. The aim is to highlight the opportunities and possibilities, as well as the limits, of new approaches towards public transport.



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Best Paper Award

We have recognized the best contribution of our young scientists (35 years old or younger) with the "Best Paper Award, Local transport days 2017" and a monetary prize in the amount of 1,500 Euros. A variety of aspects of the contributions were taken into consideration. The overall evaluation comprised individual evaluations of the abstract (20%), the long version (40%) as well as the verbal presentation (40%).

The abstract and long version were evaluated by our jury, consisting of representatives from science and business, using an evaluation matrix. The presentations were evaluated by all participants of the Local transport days 2015. Participants received an evaluation sheet on which the presentations were evaluated with a grade from 1 to 5 (very good to insufficient) or "not specified." In order to prevent more than one sheet being issued per participant, they were not distributed until before the start of the respective presentation. The completed sheets were collected and evaluated in a predefined Excel worksheet. The winner of the award was recognized at the end of the symposium.

* Right of appeal is excluded. The jury's decision is final and is not subject to judicial review. Legally mandated value-added tax (19%) is additionally paid to domestic winners of prizes or recognitions. The prize winners have the right to use the results of the award for marketing purposes. 


Previous Award Winners

Dominik Bieland wins the Best Paper Award of Local transport days 2015

Dominik Bieland, research associate at the Department of Traffic Planning and Traffic Systems at the University of Kassel, is the winner of the first Best Paper Award of Local transport days, endowed with 1,500 Euros. "With the Best Paper Award, we wanted to entice young scientists with new ideas for the Local transport days, and to reward their commitment accordingly, explains Prof. Dr. Carsten Sommer of the University of Kassel, who is the scientific head of the specialist event.





The topic of Local transport days 2015 (24-25 September 2015) was "Local transport and leisure time: acquiring new customers with innovative concepts." With the event, the organizers – University of Kassel, Regionalmanagement Nordhessen, NVV and KVG – provide national traffic experts with a platform for information, interaction and the presentation of new traffic concepts. Interest was high again this year: 150 participants sold out the event.
"We are pleased that the Local transport days have become a permanent fixture in the field and that so many colleagues came to Kassel," says Dr. Thorsten Ebert, Chairman of KVG. Wolfgang Rausch, CEO of NVV, was also impressed by the symposium: "NVV sees this year's topic as a challenge, as leisure time traffic gains ever greater importance. We want to develop more offerings in local transport that are tailored to it. And to do so with the interests and considerations of the North Hessian vacation regions always in mind."

Beginning with the keynote address on the topic of "Mobility as quality of live – Our lives between desire and escape," from Prof. Dr. Ulrich Reinhardt, the presentations extended to topics such as the transport mode choice for leisure time routes or regional mobility 4.0. On the second day, some best practice examples from the local public transport as well as from regional rail transport were presented. The event closed with the keynote address on the topic of "How time flies! - Acceleration as a societal core emotion. Background – causes – ways forward" from Temposoph Dr. Franz J. Schweifer.

This year, the Best Paper Award for young scientists was awarded for the first time. The winner was Dominik Bieland, research associate at the University of Kassel in the Department of Traffic Planning and Traffic Systems, with his presentation on the topic "Determinants for transport mode choice behavior of visitors to North Hesse."
Photos of the event, the presentations of the presenters as well as additiona information on the Best Paper Award can be found on this page.





For the 12th time already, the "Local transport days" symposium took place in Kassel, an event which addresses a defined main topic from the field of public transport every two years. The Local transport days are held jointly by the University of Kassel, Regionalmanagement Nordhessen, the Kasseler Verkehrs-Gesellschaft and the Nordhessischen Verkehrsverbund. The scientific head of the symposium is Professof Carsten Sommer, who has managed the Department of Traffic Planning and Traffic Systems at the University of Kassel since May of 2010. The Local transport days connect to the tradition of the "Kassel local transport days" occurring in a two-year cycle since 1989, when they were originated by Professor Köhler. In addition to presentations from lecturers from science and practical fields, the Local transport days provide ample space for conversations and discussions, as well as for making new contacts and furthering existing ones.

The Local transport days 2013 took place on September 26 and 27, 2013, with the main topic of "New concepts for city and state." The event's content featured new concepts and offer formats which supplement classical local public transport and answer the growing multi-modal use by the public. These new offer formats include, for example, bicycle rental and car sharing systems integrated in public local transport, which are gaining importance particularly in urban areas, as well as ride shares (carpooling), which strengthen public local transport in rural areas. While the first day of the event focused on legal framework conditions, demand potential and system features of the new offer formats, the second day saw the presentation of current examples and research projects which have already been implemented or were soon to be implemented. In the evening of the first day of the event, there was also a panel discussion on the topic "Mobility of the future."

Our restrospective in images can be found in the media library.





The Local transport days 2011, with the topic "Innovations in tariff and sales," took place on October 13 and 14, 2011 in Kassel and was held by the University of Kassel and Regionalmanagement Nordhessen. In doing so, they connected to the tradition of the "Kassel local transport days" occurring in a two-year cycle since 1989, when they were originated by Professor Köhler. The program and the flyer for the Local transport days 2011 are available for download on this page.

Our restrospective in images can be found in the media library.


History of the Local transport days

The previous Local transport days had the following framework topics:

1. Kassel Local transport days 1989:
    Local public transport between city and surroundings

2. Kassel Local transport days 1991:
   Linking long-distance and local transport

3. Kassel Local transport days 1993:
   Is public transport reaching its limits?

4. Kassel Local transport days 1995:
   Contributions to urban and regional transport

5. Kassel Local transport days 1997:
   Local transport plans - a first balance

6. Kassel Local transport days 1999:
   10 years in the field of traffic systems and traffic planning

7. Kassel Local transport days 2001:
   Competition in public transport

8. Kassel Local transport days 2003:
    Jointly with the local public transport colloquium in Stuttgart
    Competition and operation in local public transport

9. Kassel Local transport days 2005:
    Status-Seminar, local transport

10. Kassel Local transport days 2007:
     Status-Seminar, local transport

     2009: In place of the usual symposium, a presentation event
     took place on the occasion of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Köhler's leaving.

11. Local transport days 2011:
     Innovations in tariff and sales

12. Local transport days 2013:
     New concepts for city and state


13. Local transport days 2015:
     Local transport and leisure time: acquiring new customers with innovative concepts








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Prof. Dr. Carsten Sommer

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